I’m not dead!

Call off the search. I’m not dead! I know I kind of dropped off the face of the earth after getting to WALH camp, but I had next to no reception on my phone, and most of my time was spent doing awesome things. I promise I will get this rolling again. I took some pictures and video at camp, and will be talking about the amazing time I had in an upcoming post. But today I want to talk about something that happened yesterday. I’m not mad about it or anything, just a little frustrated at how invisible and out of thought people with disabilities are in our society.
Now you all know that Lauren is my full time job. But in order to get paid to do it, I have to be employed by a homecare agency. I’ve been working for this particular agency for over 2 years and they are great. I don’t hold anything against them. I received a call from one of the girls in the office last week, telling me about the “worker appreciation day” event they were having on this Tuesday (yesterday). It was going to be happening during the time I had to go get Lauren from her job, and so I told her I might not be able to make it or at least not stay very long. She told me to bring Lauren along and that there would be catered food. Well, she had me at food, so I asked Lauren if she could get off early for it. She decided to skip her lunch and get off an hour early. Anyway, I pick her up tuesday and we head off to the event starving. We got there and went inside, but the place was empty and even the lights were off in the hallway. I noticed a paper sign pointing down the hall for employees, so we followed it and met one of the ladies that work in the office who asked me if I was there to pick up my check. I said that we were there for the appreciation dinner and she responded with “Oh! Everyone is downstairs. Go on down!” Downstairs… And by that she really meant down a long flight of stairs to tye basement. Umm I asked her how Lauren was going to get down a flight of stairs? They asked me specifically to bring Lauren and didn’t even think about her when they decided to hold the thing in the basement. I was pretty annoyed since we both skipped lunch for it. The alternative options were being thrown at us such as “why don’t you go down and get her some food and we can set up a little table for you in one of the offices!” No thanks. I try to make sure Lauren is included in my everything. And eating alone in an office during a party isn’t what I’d call inclusion. So I just asked for my paycheck and we went to Pizza Hut. Again, I’m not mad at them at all. Mistakes get made. It happens. It just sucks that an agency that takes care of disabled people would overlook something as big as making sure the place they are holding an event like this is accessible to everyone that is expected to be there. And dammit, the food looked really good! So yeah I just needed to get that out of my brain so i can move on. On a brighter note, they gave me an award for “most quantity of hours” because I apparently work more hours per week than any of their other employees. Yay me!


About remotecontrolgf

I'm a 40 something year old guy that takes care of my girlfriend, who has a genetic disorder called Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA). I'm a musician, computer geek and gamer. This blog is about my life with my soon to be wife Lauren, and the things both good and bad that we go through together.
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