Aaand… CAMP!

Well we are about 90% packed and ready for camp! Tomorrow should be a breeze to load the van and hit the road by 1. We are soo excited! A whole week to unwind and relax and chill out with friends, many that we haven’t seen since last years camp. Seriously, if you have a camp of this kind in your state, or hell even an adjoining state… Do yourself a favor and sign up! If you have SMA or MD and you loved your years going to MDA camp, find an adult camp and go! And if you are an able bodied person of any age, VOLUNTEER and be an attendant! It will change your life for the better. I promise you that! You get a week in paradise, hanging out with the coolest people you will ever meet! I’m not really looking forward to the camp food, but there will be tons of snacks, and we always get way more than enough to eat. This year I am really going to focus on taking pictures. I’ve always slacked at that. I have a great camera on my phone that I carry with me all the time, but I always seem to forget to take pics because I am too busy having fun! This time I promise to get some good shots. One week staying in an old creepy house HAS to have its share of cool pictures and stories. And I hope to share them with you guys upon our return. Wish us luck! And I will be back next time with some footage! Be awesome today!



About remotecontrolgf

I'm a 40 something year old guy that takes care of my girlfriend, who has a genetic disorder called Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA). I'm a musician, computer geek and gamer. This blog is about my life with my soon to be wife Lauren, and the things both good and bad that we go through together.
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  1. studiosity says:

    Have a good time guys

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