What a glutton!!
Nah.. It was actually my steak. She had swordfish. But it was a funny scene. This business meeting/dinner was going on at the table next to us, with 2 Japanese businessmen and one awkward American guy. They actually took pictures of each other holding up their plates of raw meat! Very hard to not crack up. And they were in total awe of my gigantic 28 ounce beefeater! My mother took us out for my birthday dinner since my actual birthday will be while I am at camp.
Lauren’s hip is all messed up this week. She thinks it somehow got sprained. It sucks because although I am trying to learn exactly how her body works, when she gets an injury of any kind, it takes FOREVER to heal! I remember 4 years or more ago, one of her aides sat her up in bed while her legs were flopped over to one side, and it somehow wrenched her knee. It was messed up and painful for weeks! So now simple things like dressing and undressing her are extra complicated because I don’t want to hurt her leg. Ugh! I wish I was better at this stuff. I hate knowing she is in pain, and she tries to cover it up and not say anything but I know it hurts. Please heal fast! I don’t want extra issues at camp. It’s already going to be a challenge! But we will deal with it and have a great time!


About remotecontrolgf

I'm a 40 something year old guy that takes care of my girlfriend, who has a genetic disorder called Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA). I'm a musician, computer geek and gamer. This blog is about my life with my soon to be wife Lauren, and the things both good and bad that we go through together.
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2 Responses to Pig!

  1. Hip pain is hip pain. I’ve never found anything to help mine! Extra pain relief 10-15 minutes before moving helps though!

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