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Fire starter

Turns out you CAN light a fire with wet wood, some pine ones and 2 tampons! Advertisements

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Ahhhhhh.. Camp! Got to camp yesterday about 4:30. Unloaded all of our stuff into our room and then went off to the dining hall to eat and spend a couple of hours hanging out with all our friends. One of … Continue reading

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Well that last 10% was a bitch! But we have officially left the house! Grabbing a quick bite at Denny’s and then we are on our way! I can’t believe how much stuff we needed to pack! I’m so excited … Continue reading

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Aaand… CAMP!

Hey! Well we are about 90% packed and ready for camp! Tomorrow should be a breeze to load the van and hit the road by 1. We are soo excited! A whole week to unwind and relax and chill out … Continue reading

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Super jerk

I feel like an ass. Today was absolute shite. I got Lauren up and to work and everything was fine. It was the start of a good day. I came home and got a few things together for camp, messed … Continue reading

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Coffee savior!

Up at 6:30am! And I actually have a good attitude! It’s purely due to my new best friend Kicking Horse coffee!! It’s 100% organic, free trade and amazing! I normally use creamer and sugar in my coffee but this stuff … Continue reading

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What a glutton!! Nah.. It was actually my steak. She had swordfish. But it was a funny scene. This business meeting/dinner was going on at the table next to us, with 2 Japanese businessmen and one awkward American guy. They … Continue reading

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